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Blockchain Based Exchange

Based on the BTON dual-chain system, TTDEX has strong cross-chain trading ability, high liquidity (accessible within the whole network), and high trading speed comparable to that of a centralized system. In this exchange, orders are settled in 3s on average, and all transactions are published to the blockchain community to ensure trading transparency and fairness.

TTDEX vs. Centralized Exchanges


TTDEX does not collect or store user private keys. The private key is only controlled by the trader, and the user's asset security is in the hands of the user.


All trading behaviors occur on the blockchain. The transaction data is transparent and can be publicly verified on the block explorer at any time.

Low Fees

The transaction fee rate is only 0.08%. For example, for a transaction in the amount of $1,000, the transaction fee is $0.80.

TTDEX vs. Other Decentralized Exchanges

Cross-chain assets

BTON’s asset anchoring mechanism enables the cross chain value exchange, which ensures the variety of trading asset.

On-chain matching

The match chain of BTON match all orders automatically, which makes sure the matching process is transparent and can be publicly verified on the block explorer at any time.

Fast Trade

The unique price discovery mechanism of BTON improves the trading efficiency, specifically speaking, orders are settled in 3s on average.

Fast Deposit

No manual review is required. The deposit and withdraw of funds are controlled by smart contracts on the blockchain, which greatly increase the speed of the withdraw and deposit.


The transaction results can be confirmed in 3 seconds, and the user experience is close to the centralized exchange.

Maximize Liquidity

All order books are shared with the entire BTON network and match automatically, in this way, the market depth and liquidity are fully guaranteed.

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